How much of a bankroll do you need to use these methods ?

We recommend a £300 bankroll per method


How does the automatic program work ?

Each method has its own program which automatically detects the teams which are worth betting on. Each program will display the teams, their next opponents, dates of the next games, information about the various leagues and how much you should bet.


How much can I expect to earn per month ?

We can't guarantee a regular income as there will always be a part of uncertainty in gambling, but basically, each series of matches is computed for a $10 net profit, so if you bet on 5 of the recommended teams you should earn $50. The estimation we have made is that your total earnings may vary between -$100 and +$300 per month, with possibly 2 months negative and 10 months positive, and an estimated average of +$1550 for the year.


How can I subscribe ? How does it work ?

You just have to pick and click on one of the methods on offer on the Home page. You can then choose the duration of the subscription. Once payment is completed, you'll receive an e-mail with a link which will allow you to create a password for your private account. This will grant you access to all the league tables and to the automatic program. 


On which bookmakers' websites can I bet using these methods ?

These methods can be used on most major bookmakers' websites.


Can I pay with PaysafeCard ?

No, only secured payments via Paypal and debit/credit card are accepted.


What is my return on investment likely to be ?

Honestly, we are just passionate about sports statistics, but don't make a living from gambling. We just thought we'd share our methods as we found out they are incredibly efficient !


Can I get a free trial period ?

All our methods can be tried for free ! You will get all the explanations you need about the various methods in the respective videos. You just need to look for the teams which are worth betting on by yourself as to check how efficient our methods are, hence a free trial period being useless. Subsequently, our subscriptions will just make it much easier for you to pick the teams.


If you have any other question, just contact us at the following address: We usually reply within 24h.

Gambling under the age of 21 is an offence